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Wake up to citrus and mint

Waking up doesn’t only refer to rising in the morning. I absolutely suffer from the post lunch or post work out snoozy vibes. Which in my case means that I need to wake myself up a few times a day!

I struggle to fall asleep, especially after working out in the evening. At night I need my room to be dark and quiet. However, I can pass out anywhere, under any conditions, during the day. Day sleeping feels so indulgent and I feel very guilty about it. I work from home but that doesn’t make an afternoon siesta any more appropriate than snoozing under my desk in a corporate environment.

I’m sure there are contributing factors; I struggle to maintain a healthy level of blood sugar, and I take a beta blocker every day. These lazy, hot summer days aren’t helping recently either.

Something has to be done. My note book is full of gorgeous writing topics and I need to get working on them.

Turn to nature for energy

I researched some high energy foods, and immediately realised that I need to go shopping. While avos are toted as a high energy food, I knew that avocado toast was not going to wake me up (bread is not my friend). Eggs are ok, but I’m not the biggest fan. I don’t have any spinach in the fridge and munching a bowl of greens doesn’t appeal as an afternoon snack. Nuts and dark chocolate made the list too, but I don’t dare go down that road. I’ll eat a lot of nuts and chocolate given half a chance. Over the last two days, my child has depleted the household banana stocks. I think you get the idea, eating for energy was not an immediate option.

Coffee is not an option, I want to be invigorated, not wired.

I had the idea to brush my teeth. Surely the blast of mint would wake me up? I decided against it and instead researched invigorating scents. Mint made the list, so I made myself a huge pot of peppermint tea. Citrus also featured heavily, with certain sources mentioning more than one variation. I sniffed a lemon and felt nothing. Then I remembered that I own a delicious bergamot perfume.

Maybe it is just the placebo effect, but I feel fantastic. Sipping mint tea and smelling summer.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash


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